Solar lighting &monitoring system
The solar lamp is composed of solar cell module, part of LED lamps, control box (the control box contains charger, controller, battery) and light pole.
The solar lamp has a simple working principle. It is a solar cell made by using the principle of photovoltaic effect. During the day, the solar panel receives solar radiation energy and converts it into electric energy output..After the charge and discharge controller is stored in the battery, the illumination gradually decreases to about 101ux at night, and the open circuit voltage of the solar panel is 4、 5V, the charge and discharge controller detects this voltage value, and then the battery discharges the lamp.
Easy Installation
When installing solar lamps, do not need laid complex line, do a base only, secure with stainless steel screw next ok.
Low Maintenance Cost
High electricity cost of municipal lighting lamps and lanterns, the maintenance cost will increase year by year.Free electricity fee for solar lighting lamps: solar lighting lamps are one-time investment without any maintenance cost and benefit for a long time.
Safe And Reliable

Solar lamps are ultra low pressure products, safe and reliable operation






Product features

1. SC series with radar sensor system

2. Automatically identify moving objects around

3. Increasing brightness when people approach

4. Decreasing brightness when people leave

5. Intelligent remote with multimode

6. No electricity

7. No cables

8. Easy installation

9. Remote control,more smart working modes