Solar pumping system
Solar Pumping System Structure
Solar pumping system mainly consists of PV modules, solar pumping inverter/controller and pumps.
Solar Module:Generate electricity
Solar pumping inverter/controller:Converter solar energy to support the pumps; control and run the pumping system by making full use the solar energy.
Other components
Mounting Bracket
Junction box: combination of DC fuse, DC circuit-breaker and other components to protect the solar module
Outdoor Cabinet: IP54

Advantage of Solar Pumping System
  • Auto-operation, labor free
  • Suitable to all kinds of pumps, including three-phase AC pumps,single-phase AC pumps and DC pumps
  • Wide range of input voltage, suitable to different PV modules Modular design, easy to maintain International advanced components, safe and reliable
  • Solar and mains power hybrid, 24 hours operation Remote control and monitor Customized solutions